Stacey Abrams Still Living In VR Simulation Of Alternate Reality Where She Won Georgia Election

ATLANTA, GA—Sources close to failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams say she's still living in a VR simulation of an alternate reality where she actually won the Georgia election.

"We strapped her into the HTV Vive headset just as election results started to come in," said one aide, watching through a one-way mirror as Abrams waved to a simulated crowd of her thousands of adoring constituents. "It's for her own good."

Aides fear what would happen if they took her out of the simulation.

"Man, can you imagine how deranged she would be?" said Jen Potter, an intern during the 2018 race for the governorship. "She'd probably freak out and insist that she won and everything, refusing to accept the election results. That'd be really bad for everyone. It's better this way."

The simulation was custom-designed by aides as they realized there was a real chance she'd lose the election. They programmed all kinds of fun activities for her to play in the HTC Vive-powered game, from signing bills using the Vive's motion controllers and shaking hands with legislators to holding meetings with big-name politicians and businesspeople.

"She has a lot of fun in there," said Potter. "It's hard to feel bad for her when she's having such a good time in this alternate reality."

A simulation for liberals to enjoy an America where Trump didn't win the presidency is forthcoming.

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