Six-Year-Old Declares Home A Sanctuary City For Mosquitoes
Life · Apr 28, 2020 ·

HEMPSTAFF, CO - Six-year-old Trevor McKinley has declared his home a sanctuary city for mosquitoes, moths, houseflies, and other insects in need of shelter. At approximately two o'clock PM on a hot Sunday afternoon, Trevor left the front door ajar for nearly three hours, sending the scent of air-conditioned air out into the neighborhood to let local insects know that the McKinley home was now a safe place for transient insects to find sanctuary. 

"Give me your mosquitoes, your gnats, your teeming swarms of June bugs yearning for protection against the heat!" he cried as he left the front door open once again. "Yesss, my precious bugs from all across the land -- I summon thee to join me in my abode, where you may take sanctuary from the birds, spiders, and anteaters. Join me in my place of dwelling, and we shall build a utopia of bugs unrivaled in human history."

His evil parents tried to close the border against the helpless bugs, but he just wandered back through the door and left it open seventeen more times that day.


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