Are Your Kids Going To Grow Up To Be Democrats? Know The Warning Signs

If there’s one thing Christians worry about with their kids, it’s that their children will one day grow up and vote for Democrats. If that happens, that’s because you raised your children wrong. Don't worry-- we're here to help! Here are the signs to look for that suggest your innocent little child may become a horrible, Democrat-voting adult:

  • Expects food, clothing, and housing for free - The #1 sign you're raising a future sucker of the government teat.

  • Constantly whines - Ooh, is the little baby hurt from stubbing his toe? Rub some dirt on it and get back in there, bucko!

  • Is small and weak (like a Democrat) - No muscles to speak of. Very beta.

  • Has grubby little hands constantly snatching things that aren’t theirs - They're either going to grow up to be a bank robber or a Democrat, but we repeat ourselves.

  • Is happily unemployed - No job? You're looking at a future Democrat voter.

  • Leaves messes everywhere - Today, they're leaving Play-Doh on the ground. Tomorrow, they're leaving protest signs behind at rallies.

  • Never attended a rally for Ronald Reagan - Or Abraham Lincoln, for that matter.

  • Has a short attention span - If your kid flips from YouTube video to YouTube video every 30 seconds, they'll be pretty likely to be outraged about a different thing every 30 seconds in the future.

If you see any of these signs, now you have time to disown your children and write them out of your will before they donate their inheritance to Kamala Harris or something.

Don't let this happen to you! 

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