Shocking Photo Shows Hunter Biden Fully Clothed Not Smoking Crack
World · Jul 18, 2022 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Hunter Biden's iCloud account was hacked by 4chan users revealing all his personal texts, contacts as well as pictures and videos. In the fallout, truly shocking images of Hunter Biden are now being seen by the public — including photos of Hunter fully clothed and not smoking crack.

"That doesn't even look like him. Gotta be a fake!" commented Twitter user John Kirk after seeing the picture. "Once again, they'll do anything to try to cover up the Biden's son acting up, thinking we'll fall for it again."

Experts have confirmed that the photos have indeed not been altered or fabricated in any way and that people are actually seeing real, although hard to believe pictures of the President's son wearing clothes, not doing drugs, and not surrounded by prostitutes.

At publishing time, 4chan users uncovered that within 30 seconds of the photo being taken, Hunter Biden somehow managed to get fully undressed, fire up his crack pipe, and call President Biden so he can wire his prostitutes more money.

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