Sesame Street Introduces Karl Marx Muppet
Entertainment ยท Apr 2, 2021

NEW YORK, NY - Sesame Street introduced today a new character: Karl Marx, a muppet who is always ranting about eating the rich, overthrowing the oppressor classes, and seizing the means of production.

"The letter of the day is S. S is for 'seize the means of production,' kids!" Karl said happily on his debut episode. "Remember - we must awaken to the struggle of the masses and open our eyes to the superstructure that controls us like puppets!"

"Workers of the world, unite!" he added.

In Karl's first storyline on Sesame Street, he refuses to work while all the other muppets work really hard at Hooper's Store. They all get paid and he gets nothing. Karl sits around drinking vodka and ranting about the plight of the masses and the need to overthrow capitalism because it's unfair.

He doesn't learn any lesson, though, and instead, the other muppets all come around to his ideology and he's praised as a revolutionary icon. Their money is redistributed to Karl, who then seizes Hooper's Store and executes all the oppressive human characters on Sesame Street.


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