Separated Couple In Bitter Custody Dispute Over Shared Facebook Profile
Internet · Jun 14, 2018 ·

LAWRENCEBURG, IN - Jeremiah and Melinda Reuben, who are more commonly known as JerNMel Reuben by their friends and family on Facebook, recently separated and are beginning divorce proceedings.

At the center of the bitter dispute lies their shared Facebook profile, which both partners are attempting to get full custody of after their divorce is finalized.

Melinda told a judge in a hearing Thursday that giving Jeremiah custody of their Facebook account would be "totally unfair" to the young, innocent profile, claiming that "he doesn't even use it except to browse memes." Her soon-to-be ex-husband fired back, accusing her of "exploiting" the account in order to sell various MLM products to their mutual friends.

A temporary restraining order filed by Ms. Reuben's lawyer is attempting to bar either spouse from further likes or comments until the court has made a decision. "Let's allow the justice system to work before Mr. Reuben starts uploading vacation photos again - that just wouldn't be fair to the shared profile."

The judge has placed the account in temporary foster care until the case is settled, according to reports coming out of the court today.


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