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Seminary Offers Degree In Advanced Meme-Making

LA HABRA, CA—In a stated effort to train up Christian leaders in disciplines that will help them connect with a rapidly changing culture, Hope Bible College & Seminary announced Wednesday its new course offerings in advanced meme-making.

“The first reformation was all about creeds, the second reformation was all about deeds—now we’re starting a new reformation that’s all about the dank memes,” college dean Chuck Lyle told reporters. “The best way to communicate truth to a postmodern world is by slapping a clever zinger on a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio or Robert Downey Jr., and we want to equip the next generation of Christians to engage culture with the dankest memes.”

The courses on offer will train students in advanced disciplines like pasting funny captions on image macros, staying on top of the latest, cutting-edge memes, and making sure one’s memes are the absolute dankest.

The seminary is reportedly offering both undergraduate and graduate programs in the new discipline of meme-making, allowing students to earn Master of Divinity degrees or even a PhD in the art of slamming other people online with hilarious memes.

“We’re proud to be the first school in the country to offer a fully accredited Doctorate of Dank Memes,” the dean said.

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