Celebs U.S. Worldviews Bill Nye
Scientists Abandon Search For Bill Nye's Credibility

U.S.—In a rare display of surrender, scientists across the nation have given up their extensive search to prove that Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is a reliable spokesperson for the principles of scientific inquiry.

According to sources, researchers threw in the towel after viewing a recent episode of Nye’s new variety show, Bill Nye Saves The World.

“We’ve wasted years of effort trying to prove he’s a credible, non-biased source of information,” one scientist told reporters. “We’ve tried and tried, utilizing the very best technology known to man, and now it’s time to move on to more promising fields of research.”

“It’s a lost cause,” he added grimly.

According to reports, Nye responded by pointing to his wardrobe of lab coats as evidence of his “sciency-ness,” and called all people who disagree with him “closed-minded Science Guy deniers.”

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