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Scholars: AC/DC Song 'Thunderstruck' Based On Original Poem By Martin Luther

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CLEVELAND, OH—According to music scholars, lyrics for the hit song “Thunderstruck'” by rock supergroup AC/DC were taken from a poem written by Martin Luther in 1505, sources confirmed Wednesday.

Researchers discovered the poem while looking through band memorabilia at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. A faded copy was found inside the pages of guitarist Angus Young’s notebook.

“The lines of Luther’s poem match the lyrics perfectly,” said museum curator Anne St. Hubbins. “Until now, we had no idea what the song was saying.”

The track’s words, as sung by gravely-voiced lead singer Brian Johnson, were completely indistinguishable until the poem was found, with its first line “I was caught, in the middle of a Stottenham storm.” The poem goes on to describe Luther’s encounter with a lightning strike that ultimately led him to commit himself to becoming a monk.

Sources also confirmed the AC/DC song “Let There Be Rock” is based on the apostle Simon Peter’s account of the time Jesus gave him his nickname.

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