Sarah Sanders Alleges Tape Exists Of Trump Being Polite And Respectful To Someone
Politics · Aug 16, 2018 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In a startling allegation, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders says she has knowledge of a tape in which President Trump can be heard very clearly speaking in a polite and respectful tone to another individual. "In it, he's respectful and coherent and sounds genuinely interested in the other person," Sanders explained. "I haven't heard it myself, but I know from multiple sources it exists."

It is unknown how such a tape would affect perceptions of the president if it is ever found and the public hears it. Some other tapes have surfaced in which Trump was unaware he was being recorded. One such tape caught Trump in a very candid moment talking to his son Don Jr. about how rich and great he was and how lucky Don Jr. was to have him as a father.

Another tape was of Trump in a vulnerable conversation with his wife, Melania, about his disappointment that the Pentagon shot down his idea of a new branch of the military called "Blimp Force". "They're fools; blimps are unstoppable," he is heard saying. "Unless something pierces them and they lose air."

None of these tapes, though, show Trump as genuinely interested and respectful of another human being, making Sanders' claim quite sensational. When pressed, Sanders was vehement that the tape exists, though she couldn't say to whom Trump was speaking and wasn't one hundred percent certain it wasn't just Trump talking to himself in the mirror.

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