Sad: The Nation's Women Were Going To Go Out To Dinner To Celebrate 100 Years Of Suffrage But They Couldn't Decide What They Wanted To Eat
Politics · Jun 5, 2019 ·

Yesterday was the 100-year anniversary of the 19th Amendment being passed by Congress. Women finally got the right to vote after years of working toward this noble goal. Naturally, the women of our country wanted to go out to eat to celebrate.

Sadly, not a single one of them could decide what they wanted to eat and so just stayed home.


Women all over phoned up their friends or asked their husbands if they wanted to go out to eat to celebrate the government finally allowing them to make important decisions. But then, when pressed on where they wanted to go to eat, they all responded, "I don't know. What do you want?"

All the American women's friends and family members began rattling off the name of every restaurant within a 50-mile radius but were only met with indecipherable shrugs and noncommittal grunts.

"Chili's? Applebees? That place with the salads you like? Soup? Chinese? Italian? How about some BBQ? Thai? Sushi? Carl's Jr.? A taco truck? Steak? Anything? ANYTHING AT ALL!?!" husbands, friends, and family were all heard asking the women in their lives. "Please, we'll eat anywhere you want so we can celebrate women getting the ability to choose politicians and policies."

"Anywhere. Please. We're starving."

Well, there's always the 200th anniversary! Better luck next time, ladies!

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