Rookie Mistake: Sound Guy Accidentally Unmutes Background Worship Singers
Tech · Jun 12, 2019 ·

CALLAHAN, FL - During an otherwise typical Sunday morning worship service, the congregation at Grace Community Fellowship were blindsided when sound guy Tad Barclay accidentally unmuted the worship team's background singers. The mishap resulted in the three singers' rich, passionate harmonies being heard for an entire round of "Voice of Truth" before Barclay was able to identify and correct the error.

"At first I thought the worship leader was using his loop pedal to harmonize with himself, which would have been totally cool," Barclay explained, "but then I realized I was actually hearing the background singers, and I knew I had somehow made a grave mistake."

How the mistake was made remains a mystery, though Barclay did speculate that he may have accidentally disabled the mute button while he was busy lowering the volume on all the instruments that aren't the worship leader's guitar.

According to Senior Pastor Hal Childers, the church board is taking this incident very seriously. "Tad has been placed on temporary suspension, pending a full investigation." Childers announced on the church's Facebook page, citing the longstanding Christian tradition that "background singers should be seen and not heard."

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