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Rob Bell Clarifies New Book Title 'What Is The Bible?' Was Actual Question

LOS ANGELES, CA—Rob Bell recently clarified that his new book’s title What Is the Bible?was an actual, legitimate question he was asking, not a rhetorical one, and that the title should not be taken to suggest that his book contains any definitive answers to the question posed by its name.

“Like, seriously—what is it? I literally have no idea. Can someone help me out here?” he said in a new, updated book trailer released to coincide with the launch of his book Tuesday. “I wrote this book hoping someone would explore the question with me, because I’m totally stumped.”

Bell went on in the video to speculate that the term “Bible” could be either a book penned anonymously by Mark Twain sometime in the 11th century, a race of cybernetic organisms bent on assimilating all species in the galaxy, or possibly the title of an unaired episode of CSI: Miami.

“As far as I know, this ‘Bible’ thing is a mental projection of our collective consciousness, manifested into existence by the power of our imagination,” he added. “Could someone please tell me what it is?”

Bell also confirmed on his Facebook page plans to write further books titled after a collection of troubling questions he’s been wrestling with, such as Who Is Jesus?Who Is Rob Bell Anyway?, and Is Any of this Real Or Are We All Just Tripping on Acid?

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