Retraction: Those Kids We Accused Of Holding A KKK Rally Were Actually Just Playing Duck, Duck, Goose
Life · Dec 16, 2019 ·

The Babylon Bee is issuing a retraction for an earlier story in which we labeled a group of elementary students white supremacists. A video had surfaced online of the children sitting in a circle with one child going around saying "duck." We had assumed -- as made sense at the time -- that this was a racist summoning circle, with the repeated use of the word "duck" -- which ends in 'k' -- being a reference to the KKK. This assumption was backed by numerous sources -- all from 4chan -- and seemed quite reliable at the time.

We later learned, though, that the children may have been playing an obscure game called "Duck, Duck, Goose," which has no known direct relation to white supremacy (though everything is suspect). Thus we are retracting calling the children "evil racists" who should be "chased from society or exterminated." Instead, we're just calling them problematic, as most of the children were white, and when you have that many white people gathered together, you have to assume something bad is going on.


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