In Response To Question About Abortion, Hillsong's Carl Lentz Boldly Declares He Left Stove On, Has To Go
Celebs · Nov 6, 2017 ·

NEW YORK, NY - In response to a question about whether or not abortion is a sin poised to him by Joy Behar on a taping of The View, Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz boldly stated he was pretty sure he left his stove on at his NYC apartment and had to leave to go make sure.

"So, it's not a sin in your church to have an abortion?" Behar pressed, but Lentz was ready with a faithful, biblically grounded response.

"Um, that's the kind of conversation we would have - oh man, I think I left my stove on!" he said, suddenly remembering he had left a pot of pho simmering in the kitchen. "I'd love to answer your question on abortion, but I've really gotta go. Sorry Joy!"

Lentz then jumped up, spilling his coffee, and dove over the table, sprinting for the exit, according to sources at the taping of the popular talk show.


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