We Have A Lot Of Words We'd Like To Call Joe Biden Right Now But We Are A Christian Website So Here Are Some G-Rated Alternatives
Politics · Aug 26, 2021 · BabylonBee.com

We have a lot of feelings right now, and it's hard to process. Sometimes, we just want to say a cussword, like unbelievers or lesser satire sites, like The Onion, which is the atheist knockoff of The Babylon Bee. But we will refrain from doing so. Instead, here are ten G-rated cuss words to describe Joe Biden:

1. No-good son of a biscuit - Sometimes he just makes us so frakkin' mad!

2. Dog-faced pony soldier - This one's technically not vulgar so it's OK to use his own insult against him.

3. A real donkeyhole - This is borderline offensive but we feel the gravity of the situation calls us to use the D-word.

4. An ass but just in the way the King James Version uses it - Loophole!

5. #@$)(#@)()@#[email protected]$#%@#%$&%&#@*&%#*& - Sorry, we lost control for a second there.

6. A foolish virgin who didn't take any oil to meet the bridegroom - Brutal and savage, but accurate.

7. A Harry Potter fan - Now that's just low.

8. A dog who returns to his own vomit - Kinda accurate tbh.

9. A real donkeywipe - Might want to stop reading this list to your kids at this point.

10. A confused, lost, senile old man who's unfit for the presidency - Sorry, someone had to say it.

Feel free to use any of these when discussing the president!


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