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Ray Comfort Materializes Out Of Thin Air As Man Calls Himself A Good Person

LANSING, MI—Local man Greg Ewing has always thought of himself as a good person. But when he vocalized that thought to a friend while chatting at a bus stop Thursday morning, evangelist Ray Comfort reportedly materialized out of thin air directly behind him.

According to witnesses, Comfort appeared in a hazy cloud and began confronting the man’s mistaken notion that he is, in fact, upright and moral.

“I mean, I think I’m a good person,” Ewing said while discussing the idea of morality.

“Are you sure about that?” a still somewhat transparent Comfort interrupted in his recognizable Kiwi accent, after somehow appearing from nothing, causing Ewing to nearly jump out of his skin. “Let’s just have a look—have you kept the commandments?”

“Have you ever lied? Ever stolen? Ever looked at a woman lustfully?” Comfort continued, causing the man visible discomfort. “If you haven’t fulfilled God’s law perfectly, that makes you a lawbreaker.”

When the frightened man eventually conceded that he wasn’t actually a good person according to the biblical standard, Comfort pressed him to recognize his need for a savior before disappearing in a wispy cloud as witnesses claim the words “You’re not a good person” echoed throughout the area.

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