Prophetic Vision For Church Includes Huge Salary For Pastor
Worldviews · Nov 23, 2016 ·

CINCINNATI, OH - A prophetic dream regarding the direction of Light of the Nations Church purportedly received by Apostle-Prophet Jonathan Van Gorder on Tuesday afternoon helpfully included a very specific, large numerical figure for Van Gorder's salary, sources confirmed.

"The Lord seems to be telling me that not only will our church thrive and become a light to the nations, but it will also pay its pastor the sum of $540,000.00 per year," Van Gorder related to the congregation. "Plus benefits, vacation time, housing allowance, and insurance, of course."

Van Gorder claims the heavenly vision was "very clear," stating in no uncertain terms this was the amount the Lord wanted to pay "His anointed" for taking part in this move of the Lord in Cincinnati.

"He was very, very specific - praise the Lord," Van Gorder added. "He didn't mention much about what kind of doctrine we should teach, but He was unambiguous about how much dough I'm gonna rake in from this thing." Van Gorder further stated he took no pleasure in relating the message, but that he was just a messenger for God, faithfully proclaiming the word he received, which just so happened to mandate a large paycheck for the Apostle-Prophet.

"I'm just glad God makes these decisions for us, so no one can get mad at me for being greedy or anything like that," he said.


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