Powerful: Protester Writes 'Tolerance' On Face Of Man He Just Beat Unconscious
Worldviews · Feb 2, 2017

BERKELEY, CA - A protest at UC Berkeley turned violent Wednesday night into Thursday morning as hundreds of rioters set fires, assaulted people, damaged vehicles, and smashed storefronts.

But in the midst of all the chaos: an inspirational moment.

After beating a man unconscious for disagreeing with him, a masked protester pulled out a black marker and scrawled "TOLERANCE" on the bloody victim's face before leaving him where he lay and fleeing the scene to cause more havoc.


Can we just point out the obvious here? The rioter could have easily just pummeled that guy and ran off right away. But for him to take the time to write an inspirational word on the man's face so other protesters could stop and take pictures to spread on social media while laughing and mocking him - well, that just shows what's really important in all this madness.

It's about justice. It's about progress. It's about tolerance. Everyone has a voice. No one will be silenced. And this rioter has given us a beautiful reminder of that.


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