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Pinky, Brain Announce 2020 Run

ACME LABS—Two genetically enhanced laboratory mice, Pinky and the Brain, announced Friday their 2020 presidential run.

The mice have been engineered to think and speak, though the experimentation seems to have given at least one of the mice totalitarian tendencies.

"Humanity, bow before your new master as we ascend into the glorious era of the rule of Brain!" Brain said in his announcement speech before pressing a button on a device that he reportedly designed to control the minds of anyone in the vicinity.

"Narf!" said Pinky to applause from the masses.

The two are running on the platform of "trying to take over the world." While many have criticized this approach, others have praised Pinky and the Brain's honesty, pointing out that "at least they're being transparent about it," unlike other candidates who pretend to be running for the good of the nation. Some have also suggested that Pinky and the Brain will likely adjust well to Washington, D.C., being vermin.

According to analysts, their plot to win the White House is projected to nearly succeed and then fail at the last possible moment after one tiny but significant oversight.

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