Pastor Still Referring To 25-Year-Old Worship Songs As 'Contemporary'
Church ยท Oct 19, 2018

PLEASANTON, TX - Sources have confirmed that Pastor Lloyd Hudson of First Baptist Church at Riverview is still referring to songs written over two decades ago as "contemporary."

Any song written sometime in the last few decades is referred to as "contemporary" music by the pastor, who says "if it ain't in the hymnal, it's newfangled music, brother."

"Let us all stand as we join together in this great contemporary praise chorus, 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever!'" the 62-year-old preacher reportedly proclaimed in a recent Sunday service, approximately 45 minutes before calling the congregants gathered to "sing to the Lord a new song," referring to Rich Mullins' 'Awesome God.'"

To conclude the service, Hudson is said to have given a brief benediction, and then asked the worship band to "play us out" with "a hot, fresh tune we'll learn together," before the praise team started in on an upbeat rendition of "Come, Now Is The Time to Worship."

Hudson is allegedly reviewing the church's modernization budget to see if there's room to purchase some new technology to aid the worship experience, such as an overhead projector and some conga drums.


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