Pastor Still Not Sure How He Landed This Sweet Job Where He Only Has To Work One Hour A Week
Church · May 30, 2019 ·

MOON, PA - Local pastor Henry Patters has been in ministry for several years, and he's still not quite sure how he managed to land such a sweet gig where he only has to work an hour a week.

"You'd think there'd be more to pastoring, like visiting people, studying for sermons, planning a service, counseling church members, but nope," he said as he relaxed at home and prepared to fire up another round of Call of Duty. "I just show up on Sunday and share what's on my heart, and that's literally all there is to it."

He confirmed that there definitely aren't a ton of stressors and sources of anxiety involved in pastoring, and that it's certainly not a field in which pastors burn out and drop like flies because of all the pressures and spiritual warfare. 

"Nope. It's easy street. I still can't believe more people don't take up this line of work."

At publishing time, Patters' youth pastor, Carl, still couldn't believe he has a job where he doesn't have to work at all.


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