Past His Prime: Jon Foreman Only Managed To Write 279 Songs This Year

Well, everyone loses their magic touch eventually, and singer-songwriter Jon Foreman is no exception. The Switchfoot frontman and solo artist only managed to eke out 279 songs this year, a paltry dozen more than he wrote last year.

Talk about writer's block!

While Switchfoot was on a brief hiatus, Foreman scratched songs into dozens of notebooks, tapped out songs on his iPhone, and even scrawled some lyrics into his surfboard's wax coating. But despite occasional efforts like this, Foreman only managed to hammer out 279 tunes.

"Eventually, the beautiful entropy catches us all," Foreman said in a somber Instagram story. "I tried everything I could to jog my creativity: long walks on the beach, surfing with dolphins. I even took a hit of LaCroix over the summer, when I was feeling really down and desperate."

"But no luck. I only managed a few hundred new tunes this year. Ugh," he muttered.

Well, Jon, we loved your solo work and all the great days with Switchfoot, but maybe it's time to hang up the fedora for good. Any musician who can only pump out about a song per day is well past his prime! Guess you oughtta enjoy your twilight years and let the real CCM artists do their thing!

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