You Are Not A Real Christian If You Do Not Share This Post On Social Media Right Now
Christian Living ยท Apr 16, 2016

This is the most important piece of content you've ever read.

As you read this short, piercing article, make sure to keep in mind that God Almighty, the Maker of Heaven and Earth, is watching you read every sentence - and watching what you do next.

The Christian walk can be hard, can it not? Big words and ideas like "justification," "repentance," "mortification," "sanctification" - what?? It can be downright difficult, we know. So we're going to make this faith thing a whole lot easier for you by telling you plainly that you are not a real Christian if you do not share this post on social media right now.

How much simpler could it be? You want to be a real Christian, don't you? You want to go to heaven? Well then, for you, the choice is easy. You'll share this post.

Would you rather be hard-hearted and stubborn-minded? Would you rather lose your eternal inheritance just because you didn't have the faith to click "share?"

What's it going to be?

The time draws near. Are you a true believer or not? It all depends on whether or not you share this post on social media.

We hope you'll do the right thing.

God hopes so, too - and He's watching you right now.


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