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Not Good: Mexicans Trying To Cross The US Border Illegally Just Acquired An Ice Dragon

MEXICO—The illegal immigration problem is about to get a whole lot worse.

Mexicans attempting to illegally cross the US border have just announced their most recent acquisition: an undead ice dragon.

The creature's specialty is blasting giant holes in walls, both magical and traditional, so that hordes of undocumented people can pour through. Migrants excitedly rallied behind their giant magic dragon, which they converted from a traditional fire model using a big ice spear. 

"Everyone, charge!" one immigrant leader cried as the dragon ripped a hole through a shabby border fence in Arizona. "Forward, men!"

President Trump quickly called upon all able-bodied males to gather for a last stand somewhere near the Alamo, which he said he thinks is somewhere near Mexico. Unfortunately for his battle plan, the Mexican citizens didn't want to fight and just brought over a really strong work ethic and delicious food, foiling his plans.

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