Nike Announces Partnership With Chinese Communist Party With New Slogan ‘Just Obey It’
World · Jun 28, 2021 ·

QINGDAO, CHINA - On the heels of the CEO proudly declaring Nike is a brand "of China, and for China," the company has unveiled a new marketing campaign honoring the glorious Chinese Communist Party with the inspiring slogan "Just Obey It."

"The idea of obedience to brutal and murderous regimes really encapsulates the ethos Nike is going for as a brand," said Chief Marketing Officer Bingbong Van Hummus. "The People's Republic of China represents our highest ideals, and we hope to inspire athletes around the world to join us in the most important thing any high-performer can do: Just Obey."

New apparel featuring the "Just Obey It" slogan is already being produced in Uyghur concentration camps by slaves, and Nike is optimistic about having their new products in the hands of progressive American athletes in the next few weeks. 

"As long as we don't run into any delays-- you know, from our slaves refusing to obey, we'll be shipping from the beautiful and powerful country of China very soon!" said Van Hummus. 

Nike also announced they will be releasing a new Uyghur-inspired shoe with built-in iron shackles. 

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