New Video Game Simulates Not Wasting Your Life

WHEATON, IL—Crossway Publishing has thrown their hat into the console gaming ring with their announcement of the upcoming John Piper’s Don’t Waste Your Life: The Game. Based on Dr. Piper’s popular book and philosophy, DWYLTG gives players a chance to sharpen their practical Christian skills in a wide variety of real-life situations as they freely navigate the sandbox game’s realistic world.

One moment gamers are evangelizing at the drive-through, and the next they’re going above-and-beyond at their day job, all in the pursuit of CHP (Christian Hedonism Points). The world has been carefully crafted to be challenging, but also to encourage players to see their desperate need for help from above, from fellow saints at a number of available churches (choose wisely), and from the man himself, John Piper, via the built-in MP3 player and vast archive of sermons and Ask Pastor John Q&As.

This new wave of Spiritual Discipline Games, or SDGs as they’re known among believers, is very exciting to see, indeed. If early buzz is any indication, it looks like Don’t Waste Your Life: The Game will be giving the first-person shooter The Mortification of Sin 3: Retributiona run for its money. I, for one, can’t wait to see what it will feel like to be fully immersed in a gospel-needing world.

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