Fun New Mobile Game For Anti-Vaxxers Tasks You With Catching All 150 Diseases
Health · May 21, 2019 ·

PALO ALTO, CA - A new mobile game for iOS and Android will help non-vaccinated people to track down and catch preventable diseases like whooping cough and measles.

The app "Preventable Diseases GO" guides parents and others who refuse vaccinations toward active disease cases in their area, so they can expose themselves and their children. Without vaccination, live exposure is the only means for obtaining immunity to many deadly infections.

Anti-vaxxers have praised the new app, calling it a "revolution" in spreading formerly well-contained illnesses like the mumps. "I've spent years hoping my kids would catch the chicken pox," one parent told sources, "but all their friends are vaccinated. We couldn't catch a break. Then I got the app and I found a chicken pox party down the street. My kids all caught chicken pox within a week, it was awesome."

The app also contains directions to the nearest pediatric intensive care unit, for children who become seriously ill from exposure to the vaccine-preventable diseases.


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