New Instagram Filter Makes It Look Like You're On A Missions Trip In A Third-World Country
Christian Living · Jun 17, 2019 ·

MENLO PARK, CA - A new Instagram filter makes it look like you're on a missions trip in a third-world country.

Select the filter, and the background of your picture will be replaced with destitute-looking orphans, impoverished women carrying water for miles, or refugees in need of food, shelter, and water.

Instagram claims the filter was one of the app's most-requested features.

"One of the most popular uses of our platform is posting pictures from your missions trip to a destitute area," said an Instagram representative. "But this posed a problem for a lot of our users, as they didn't want to spend the time and money actually going somewhere to help out."

"But now, with our new line of Third-World filters, you don't even have to leave the country to show people how compassionate you are," she added.

The Third-World filter uses smart technology to replace your comfy first-world surroundings with those of an impoverished area. The filter will even add dust and sweat to your face and arms, so it looks like you paused to take a selfie while constructing a much-needed water pipeline or hut. You can select options that will put a smiling orphan in your arms or even change your clothes to look like you're wearing the local cultural fashions.

Not ready for this kind of serious commitment? You can just use Instagram's new First-World missions trip filter, which changes your background to make it look like you're helping the homeless in an American city.


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