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New Evidence For Atheism Exhibit Just Large Empty Warehouse

NEW YORK, NY—An all-new "Evidence for Atheism" exhibit opened at the Freedom from the Sky Fairy Museum was revealed to just be a large, empty warehouse during its opening weekend, sources confirmed Friday.

"Over the past ten years, we've carefully collected every single piece of archaeological, historical, philosophical, and scientific evidence that clearly demonstrates our intricate universe came from nothing," the museum's curator said during opening ceremonies. "It is our hope that your faith in the lack of a sky daddy is strengthened as you browse the extensive collection of artifacts, documents, and photographs that support the tenets of atheism."

As attendees then excitedly entered the large exhibit floor, they were greeted with a wide-open industrial warehouse that was completely empty.

The exhibit also included an automated audio tour feature, which consisted of an iPod-like device that played nothing but static to guide attendees wandering around the 60,000-sf warehouse, staring at nothing in particular.

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