New, Improved Car Seat Only Takes 30 Minutes Of Strenuous Fiddling To Install

HANWELL, MO—New parents everywhere rejoice! Montana-based manufacturer AttaBabe has created a new infant's car seat that has solved one of the most frustrating things about transporting tots: Car seats are nearly impossible to get into cars.

"While previous models could take hours of sweaty-browed, teeth-clenched finagling to get the seat securely locked in place, often ending in defeat or death, our new model can be placed in the car easily with minimal struggling. Only 30-45 minutes of strenuous fiddling, and that's a guarantee," said AttaBabe CEO Carla Winkler.

The new car seat is also easy to buckle in. As soon as your child is in the seat and ready, only five to fifteen minutes of puttering and fidgeting with straps, trying to untwist them and find the little buckle-thingies is required. "This is a huge step forward considering old models often could not be buckled in properly and would usually just be a bunch of twisted straps barely holding the child in place after hours of twiddling, tinkering, and fiddle-faddling."

The new car seat comes with a "30-45 minutes of strenuous fiddling guarantee." Winkler added, "If you spend one minute more strenuously fiddling with this chair, we will give you a coupon for three free pacifiers and an AttaBabe window sticker."

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