Genius Idea: These New Toys Look Just Like Dangerous Objects So Babies Will Actually Want To Play With Them
Family · Apr 14, 2020 ·

U.S. - Parents know the problem. They set their baby in a room full of colorful toys and what does the baby go for? A wire plugged into the wall. Scissors accidentally left out by an older child. Anything breakable.

"It's just a well-known fact that babies instinctively know what things could harm them," says toymaker James Barton. "And that's the only thing they'll want to play with. It doesn't matter how many sounds or flashing lights you try to distract a baby with; he only gives his attention to things that are dangerous. And that's why we made our new line of toys: No, Don't Touch That."

No, Don't Touch That is a line of toys all made to look like dangerous objects to try and trick babies into playing with them. The toys come in a variety of shapes such as knives, outlets, and bits of glass -- all the things babies love most -- but are perfectly safe for a baby to play with.

"They do require some active play from the parent to make them effective," explained Barton. "For instance, whenever the baby starts to play with one, you need to say 'No!' and keep taking it away. Babies are smarter than you think, and if they get any inkling you like them playing with something, they'll move on to something else."

Barton is also working on a line of baby foods, but the food will resemble things like small screws or bits of paper -- things babies will put in their mouths without any hesitation.

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