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Michelle Wolf Inks New Deal With Hulu, Gets Cancelled Immediately

NEW YORK, NY—Just one week after Netflix announced the cancellation of Michelle Wolf’s half-hour variety talk show, the comedian landed a new deal with rival streaming service Hulu.

Despite an alleged six-figure deal, Wolf’s time at Hulu was limited. The streaming service decided to part ways with the comedian less than 72 hours after the announcement of “Trump Attack with Michelle Wolf.”

The cancellation came on the heels of early footage shown to several focus groups in which Wolf gave a sobering monologue about immigration, and interviewed former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards.

“You said this was a comedy show?” asked one anonymous participant. Another wondered why Wolf “smiled and began to sob uncontrollably” when asking Richards if she planned to run for office.

“Michelle really is the whole package,” said Duncan Fowler, chief of left-leaning content at Hulu. “She’s heavy-handed, shrill, and brave enough to speak out against the president. I honestly don’t know why the test audiences didn’t laugh or applaud.”

Although she wasn’t able to find her footing on Netflix or Hulu, sources close to Wolf have confirmed that the comedian is in talks to star in a new weekly series for Amazon called “Michelle Wolf’s Resistance”—however, it was quickly cancelled after she made a tasteless joke at publishing time.

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