Men Agree To Let Women Run The World As Long As They'll Stop Asking Questions During Football Games
Family · Aug 8, 2019 ·

WORLD - The men of the world have agreed to cede control of everything over to women, "as long as they'll stop interrupting our football games with questions every five minutes."

"Look, you ladies can just go ahead and take over," said a representative for all men everywhere. "The wars, the crises, the taxes and stuff---it's all getting really old, if we're being honest. We just want to sit down and enjoy an NFL game for three hours without you asking what a first down is over and over again."

Women attending the press conference then asked what a first down was again.

"Ugh, it's like, you get four more chances to get the ball over to the endzone," the man said, clearly exasperated. "Though usually they use only three, and then on the fourth they'll punt or go for a field goal. What's that? Oh, yeah, the endzone is where---ah, never mind. Just take over already."

The world was then handed over to women. Things went well for a while, but the women couldn't decide where to run the world from, telling their husbands they didn't care where they went but then rejecting every suggestion the husbands made.

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