Megachurch Pastor Worried His Preaching Came Off Too Preachy

MADISON, TN—After completing his fifth and final sermon of the morning Sunday, celebrity pastor Zane Wilder of Greenacres Community Church reportedly fretted backstage that he had come off “too preachy,” reports confirmed.

“I started calling for faith and repentance and everything. Really, Zane? Repentance? Ugh,” he lamented in the green room after service. “I sounded like a real Bible-believing Jesus freak up there.”

“What was I thinking?” he added. “Man I hope we didn’t lose anybody today.”

Wilder then reportedly reviewed tape of his sermon and cringed at several points, such as when he asked the audience to open in their Bibles to the book of Romans, and at one point when he used the phrase, “It’s not about you.”

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