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Megachurch Debuts Side-Hug Cam

LAKESIDE, IL—Leaders at Paradox Church confirmed Thursday the recent debut of its “Side-Hug Cam,” a video camera that scans the crowd after the opening worship song to encourage participants to engage one another with a Christian side hug, which is then displayed on the church’s massive jumbotron.

“The popularity of the ‘Kiss Cam’ during professional sporting events has proven to be an effective way to get the crowd to participate,” Lead Cultural Relevance Director Preston McCauley told reporters. “We’re redeeming that secular technology to help our church to fulfill the godly tradition of greeting one another with a Christian side hug at each gathering of the local body.”

So far, leaders claim the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “We’ve noted an especially enthusiastic response from our singles’ ministry.”

Extra ushers will be on hand to break up any side hug that becomes too intimate, church sources confirmed.

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