McDonald's Employee Who Said 'My Pleasure' Under Fire For Appropriating Chick-Fil-A Culture
Christian Living · Jul 16, 2021 ·

FRANKLIN, TN - "OK, that'll be two Big Mac meals supersized with sweet teas? No problem, that'll be $22.37 at the first window," said McDonald's employee Bridget Etherton just before her shift ended on Friday. If she'd just stopped talking, her life would have continued on as normal. But she found herself at the center of an internet firestorm after then uttering two little words: "My pleasure."

Now, thousands of social media users are calling for her to be fired and driven from polite society, since the phrase was culturally appropriated from Chick-fil-A.

"Our culture is not your drive-thru lingo," said a Chick-fil-A representative. "It erases Chick-fil-A lives and experiences and centers McDonaldsness when their employees are willing to just appropriate our phrases wholesale for their entertainment and pleasure. It's their pleasure, not our pleasure." We thanked him for giving this interview, and he replied, "My pleasure."

McDonald's has suspended Etherton as the company investigates the incident. "Here at McDonald's we are one hundred percent opposed to cultural appropriation of any kind, and we are looking into how this happened," said a rep. "However, we can confirm that our employees got every single item on this order wrong, proving that we at least are not culturally appropriating Chick-fil-A's level of service."

"For that we are grateful. This could have been so much worse."

Etherton will be put in a training program to teach her to have a really bad attitude and take orders wrong so as to "stay in McDonald's lane."

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