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Man Opposed To Big Government Also Wants Government To Build Massive Wall

GILLETTE, WY—Everyone close to local retired auto parts salesman Bert Jennings knows the man is a staunch opponent of big government projects.

He's also a strong supporter of the idea that the government build a multi-billion-dollar wall to separate the country from Mexico.

"It's just wrong that the feds tax us to pay for so many boondoggle projects," said the man who wants the government to tax him to pay for a towering wall along the southern border of the country. "Anything the government can do, private industry can do cheaper, faster, and without stealing money from the citizens to pay for it."

"Also, what is taking Congress so long to approve $6 billion to build a wall that may or may not accomplish anything along our southern border?" he added in an unrelated comment. "They can raise my taxes if they need to, I don't care. Let's get this thing done."

The man who's an outspoken critic of the government's tendency to trample on citizens' private property rights also said he was OK with the government utilizing the principle of eminent domain to seize as much land as needed for the project.

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