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Man From Year 2249 Asks God For Time-Traveling Mercies

EUROPA, MILKY WAY—During small-group prayer time Wednesday at Christ the Redeemer Church located on the Jupiter moon Europa at colony Alpha 1, Jamel Douglas asked God to give his cousin Fredrick time-traveling mercies as he will be returning soon from a work-related assignment in the 19th century.

“I just want him to return safely, Lord, and I also want to lift up anyone else traveling through the Hawking Wormhole this weekend,” prayed Jamel.

“The wormhole can get pretty hectic this time of year, Father, and everyone can get a little cranky in their FTL bio pods traveling at superluminal speeds crossing the inter-dimensional planes of reality,” Jamel added. “We just ask for abundant time-traveling mercies for everyone, Lord.”

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