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Man Capitalizes On Death Of Prince To Clarify He Wasn’t Prince Of Peace

DULUTH, MN—Aspiring CSMP (Christian Social Media Personality) Shane Minter reportedly capitalized on the death of pop musician Prince (1958–2016) Thursday to remind his semicircle of influence that the Prince of music holds no candle to the Prince of Peace.

Minter made it plain which Prince is heaven’s hero in a flurry of tweets and Facebook updates blasted out to his tens of followers. Here is a small sample of his work:

  • “Singer, Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist, Actor” vs. “Eternal Lord, Begotten Not Made, Sinless Son of God” #ChooseYourByline
  • 100,000,000 records sold. You think that’s big? Jesus purchased a multitude no one can count. #perspective
  • Prince crushed the Billboard charts, but did he crush the serpent’s skull? #protoevangelium
  • Purple Rain or purple robe? Read Mark 15 and repent. #justsayin
  • What goes well with seven Grammys, a Golden Globe, and an Oscar? Moth and rust. #SeekYeFirst

When asked if comparing Prince to the Lord Jesus Christ in a moment like this might be bad form, or at least beside the point, Minter told reporters, “Listen, I’m missional. I’m always looking for opportunities to leverage human headlines for gospel good.”

“Wait, that had a nice ring to it,” he added. “Lemme do a quick status update for God’s glory.”

Efforts to solicit further comments from Minter were unsuccessful, as he was checking his notifications.

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