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Local Father Still Referring To Anything On The Internet As A 'Meme'

FORT SMITH, AR—Sources close to local father Bill Centrella confirmed that the 44-year old dad of 3 was still referring to literally anything he sees on the internet as a “meme.”

Pronouncing the word “may-may,” the man uses the term to refer to any content on the internet he sees, shares with friends, or observes his kids looking at, regardless of whether or not the content fits the definition of the word.

From satirical articles to funny gifs of people falling down to hour-long YouTube videos explaining the finer points of macroeconomics, Centrella is constantly calling his wife and children into the room to “check out this hilarious meme I found,” which, according to his family, is usually not a meme at all. His wife even admitted that he sometimes refers to himself as a “meme connoisseur.”

“I really enjoy looking at all kinds of memes on the internet, whether that’s cooking videos or opinion pieces on foreign policy,” he told reporters. “I even started taking funny pictures from our summer vacation and putting some text on them. I made us into some really great memes.” He then showed a picture of himself on a surfboard with the caption LOOK OUT, OLD GUY’S GOT SKILLS in a heavy Impact font. “Classic meme!”

At publishing time, sources had confirmed that Centrella’s wife was still calling every single electronic device their children owned as a “Nintendo.”

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