Dad Names His Kids Thirsty, Hungry, And Bored Just For The Jokes

HALE, MI—Local father Brent Paulson named his kids Thirsty, Hungry, and Bored just for the jokes, sources confirmed Monday.

With all three of his kids, the dad slipped the doctor a crisp $100 to let him name the kids while his wife was sleeping in her hospital bed.

The clever move has been paying off, making him the funniest dad in the country.

"I'm hungry," his son, Hungry, told him recently.

"I know you are," the dad said. "But do you want something to eat?"

Hungry rolled his eyes. "Dad, stop. I'm starving. I haven't had anything to eat for days."

"Hi, Starvingihaventhadanythingtoeatfordays, I'm Dad!" he replied with a grin.

His other kid, Thirsty, then came up and said, "I'm hungry too, Dad."

"No, you're not. You're Thirsty!" he replied, cackling.

Bored is too young to say anything, but Paulson is hard at work trying to get her to say "I'm Bored" because he has a ton of jokes ready to go.

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