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Light Is Fast. Earth Is Round. Explosions Go Boom—But Not In Space.

Did you know that light is fast? I bet you didn’t know that. Light is very fast. It is faster than your car and definitely faster than your cat or dog. Some people do not know that light is fast, but I do, because I am a scientist.

There are a lot of things we can learn from science. Did you know that the earth is round? It is round, and it is not flat. A lot of religions think the world is flat, but they are wrong. It is round. I know this because I am a scientist.

Scientists sometimes do experiments where we test things. We can even make things go boom. Explosions go boom, and cars go boom if they run into something. Especially if it is at the speed of light (which is very fast).

But if you watch Star Wars and you clap because there are explosions going boom in space, you are not a smart person or a scientist, because explosions do not go boom in space. Did you know that? I bet you didn’t, because you are not a scientist. Space is big.

People who do not do the science are dangerous, because they are not scientists. They do not know things the scientists know.

Remember, rainbows are colorful and the sun is made of gas. Boom. (But not in space.)

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