Liberals Propose New Open-Concept Prisons

U.S.—Liberal architects have long decried the influence of white supremacist patriarchy on modern architecture, and now they're taking aim at the worst offender of all: prisons.

The prisons will allow inmates -- referred to as "guests" -- to roam freely and leave whenever they like. The wide-open fields are being called the next big thing in prison architecture as more states begin to question whether the concept of a "criminal" is a valid one or if it's just xenophobic heteronormative garbage.

"We have removed all racist walls and barriers and are going for a more open-concept feel," said progressive architect Gunther LeVigon. "We must dismantle all systems of power, and that includes walls, doors, ceilings, roofs, drainage, electricity, and plumbing."

"We're just gonna open up the cells a bit, really open the space up, give it a nice flow," he continued. "It has a really nice Feng shui now."

Some of the architects are being sued for copyright infringement, however, as liberal states have had open-concept prisons for years.

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