Leftists Frantically Begin Rebuilding Everything They Burned Down So They Can Burn It Down Again
Politics · Sep 19, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

U.S. - As a potential SCOTUS replacement hearing looms, leftists are at their breaking point. So, they threatened to burn everything down. But oops! They already burned it all down.

So, they are now frantically rebuilding the buildings, towns, low-income housing, black-owned businesses, and stores they destroyed in the previous riots so they can burn them all down again. The gangs of looters and rioters rushed stores and returned everything they stole, rebuilt the buildings they'd burned down, and replaced all the windows they'd smashed.

"Quick -- restore all these storefronts! We're gonna need to smash those windows a second time!" shouted one Antifa member desperately as he held up a brick but couldn't find any non-shattered glass to throw it at. "I've got a fever, and the only prescription is more rioting!"

After everything has been rebuilt and burned down a second time, leftists will then rebuild everything and burn it down a third time should President Trump be reelected.

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