Late Night Hosts Starting To Worry They'll Have To Come Up With A New Joke Next Year
Entertainment · Nov 6, 2020 ·

U.S. - Late-night hosts, who have spent the last four years coming up with new ways to say "Orange Man Bad," are starting to worry that they'll have to come up with a new joke next year, as it looks increasingly likely that Trump will be out of office in January 2021.

Writers for Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, John Oliver, and the rest of the wealthy men in business suits who tell you what to think about the day's events every evening frantically tried to come up with a new joke.

"Oh man -- this isn't good," said Seth Meyers as news broke that Biden would probably win the election. "We put all our eggs in one basket: orange man bad jokes! And now that's all gone! What if I go out there and slip on a banana peel? Has that been done before?"

John Oliver's writers say they are working on a unique, innovative bit where he comes out on a unicycle and has a pie thrown in his face. Rumors suggest Stephen Colbert will be trying out a neat gag with a novelty device that shocks guests when he shakes their hands, while sources close to Trevor Noah suggest he might drive around the stage in a comically small car.

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