Trump Dons Purple Wig And Names Himself Leader Of The Resistance
Politics · Nov 6, 2020 ·

WASHINGTON, D.C. - At a press conference in Washington, Trump donned a purple wig and named himself the new leader of the Resistance.

"Look at me -- I am the resistance now!" Trump said as he put the purple wig over his orange hair. "We must resist this fake, sad, sleepy, old guy they're calling the president! Not good!"

He then raised his fist toward the sky. "Not my president! Not my president!" he chanted.

To inaugurate himself as the resistance's new leader, Trump went outside the White House and screamed at the sky along with his followers. The new resistance movement says they will plan to question the legitimacy of President Biden for the next four years, tweeting with hashtags like #NotMyPresident and #FakePresidentJoe and #OldManBad.

Meanwhile, liberals donated their "RESIST!" bumper stickers and "NOT MY PRESIDENT!" T-shirts to their Republican neighbors and colleagues.


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