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Kirk Cameron Pleads For God To Spare Hollywood: 'If You Find 10 Righteous, Will You Spare The City?'

HOLLYWOOD, CA—In a solemn moment of intercessory prayer, Kirk Cameron knelt near the Hollywood sign Tuesday and begged the Lord not to smite Hollywood after its sins of sexual immorality were revealed for all the world to see.

The outcry against Hollywood had grown so great, that the Lord had committed to destroying the city, causing Kirk Cameron to be greatly grieved and troubled.

After Cameron reportedly caught wind of the Almighty’s plan to smite Tinseltown for her many sins, the famous Christian actor went up on the mountainside to plead for God’s mercy on behalf of the wicked people.

“If you find fifty righteous men in the city, will you spare her?” Cameron said.

The Lord reportedly agreed to this arrangement and searched the city but was unable to find even fifty righteous men. This process continued until Cameron was begging the Lord to save the city for the sake of just ten righteous, sources confirmed.

“If you find just ten righteous, will you spare the city?” a teary-eyed Cameron said.

At publishing time, the Lord had agreed to spare the city for the sake of ten righteous men, but was not able to find even ten, sealing Hollywood’s impending doom by fire and brimstone, sources confirmed.

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