A Touching Gesture: Kamala Harris Just Sent Joe Biden 17 Get Well Soon Puppies


Our hearts are touched! In a nice gesture, Kamala Harris sent Joe Biden 17 get-well-soon puppies!

Awww! So cute!

Biden injured himself while playing with his dog, and this is sure to cheer him up!

After receiving the puppies, Joe is rumored to have exclaimed, "Help! She's after me again!" Haha! Such a great jokester. It's awesome to see these two buddies playing around already. What a great four years this is going to be!


We know if we got injured, a bunch of puppies running around near our ankles and tripping us up would be just the thing to cheer us up! So it's just so adorable to see these little guys making Joe smile!

She's really thought of everything! Keep reading The Babylon Bee for tough coverage of her favorite Thanksgiving recipes and what kind of shoes she's wearing!

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