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Kamala Harris Polling Poorly Among Unborn Babies

U.S.—In an early poll on the 2020 race, Democratic primary candidate Kamala Harris has shown to poll poorly among one demographic: unborn babies.

Unborn babies are much more likely to support candidates that don't advocate for their murder in the womb, according to the poll results. The final tally had Harris polling at 0% among those yet to be born.

"Yeah, frankly, I just can't get behind a candidate who is OK with me being killed at any moment," said one unborn baby in Texas. "It's pretty cut and dry for me. I'm not saying I'm always in love with other political parties, but I can't really get around the whole thing about how Harris supports the legalization of my murder."

The nation's unborn are said to be pretty much a "one-issue" voting bloc, with a candidate's position on abortion consistently ranking as their number one concern.

Harris has announced no plans to change her approach to the demographic and remains a staunch supporter of the genocide of the unborn.

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